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 For the secret of the care of the patient is in caring for the patient. - Peabody

A Welcome from Abraham Verghese

From the Stanford Medicine 25 Blog

The Stanford Medicine 25 blog hosts cases, stories and announcements from our team. Below is an overview of our most recents posts.

The Case:
Mubarak is a 12 year old Ethiopian who came to me with a longstanding
spinal deformity. I’d like to point out how I examine patients like this.

Dr. Rick Hodes on the Approach to Spinal Disease

Dr. Rick Hodes, a friend and colleague of Abraham Verghese, has dedicated much of his life’s work towards treating spine disease in Ghana. In this Stanford Medicine 25 blog post, Dr. Hodes discusses one of his cases in Ghana and shares his approach and method for diagnosing and treating patients.

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