Stanford Medicine 25 Launches New Website

January 8, 2016

The Stanford Medicine 25 is proud to announce the launch of our new website with the new year! Since the start of our website, we’ve had millions of visitors and look forward to improving and adding more content! The new site is now mobile-friendly and share’s more about what we do, including our Stanford 25 Sessionsmedical student teaching and highlights from our recent Stanford 25 Skills Symposium.

Sister Mary Joseph


  1. New Physical Exam Videos
  2. New Stanford 25 Pages
  3. 2015 Stanford 25 Symposium Videos

Below is our new mobile-friendly website, Dr. Baldeep Singh demonstrating the approach to hip pain and Dr. Jennifer Chen describing her approach to nevi on our new upcoming dermatology videos and pages.

Are you a medical educator? Collaborate with us. Share with us your images and videos and let us know if you’d like to contribute to our blog! Contact us here.

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Special thank you for Stanford IRT for the creation of system, design and support of this and all websites at Stanford’s School of Medicine.

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  • Stanford Medicine 25 Faculty Training session at Western SGIM

    In this session, we shared our experiences with teaching the physical exam at the bedside. Our participants got into groups and came up with their own bedside teaching example to share with everyone.

  • Stanford Medicine 25 Clinical Pearl Award

    This year, the medical student interest group created a “Clinical Pearl Award” that challenged medical students to create a clinical pearl through an essay, a step-by-step photo guide or a video demonstration.

  • Abraham-Verghese’s-TED-Talk:-Over-one-million-views!

    Dr. Verghese was invited to speak at the TED Global in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2011. He spoke about the importance of the physical exam and how we physicians are in danger of losing the connection with our patients as we focus more on technology and the electronic medical record.