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Bedside Medicine Matters

As a dedicated healthcare provider, you play a pivotal role in patient care. The mastery of bedside examination skills is a vital to your practice, yet a frequently neglected aspect of medical training.

At Stanford Medicine 25, we have a simple yet profound belief: the essence of diagnosing and healing lies in the hands-on approach. 

We are committed to teaching and enhancing bedside exam skills among students, residents, and healthcare professionals. Our goal is to equip medical professionals like yourself with the expertise needed to excel in patient care. 

Mastering the Clinical Exams

From detecting aortic regurgitation to distinguishing dermatological conditions, these pages share key techniques for a wide range of medical assessments.

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Expert Led Guidance

The Stanford Medicine 25 team is the core group of physicians, faculty and students led by renowned physician and author Dr. Abraham Verghese.

Each member plays various roles with the Stanford Medicine 25 team and our Program for Bedside Medicine.  

Our goal is to empower healthcare providers, especially those in internal medicine, to refine their bedside manner. Whether it's diagnosing skin conditions or assessing neurological function, nothing beats hands-on experience.

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Featured Stories

  • Healing: A Journey, Not a Destination

    Although healing and curing are often used interchangeably, we think of these two terms in different ways and believe the distinction is important when it comes to our outlook on patient care and bedside medicine.

  • Balancing Technology and Human Connection in Patient Care

    As the broad-reaching capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) gain momentum, we see enormous potential to advance human health. However, as we look forward to this progress, we also believe it's more important than ever to preserve the physical exam and humanistic aspects of medicine.