Body as Text: Physical Examination Course for Medical Students

The Stanford 25 core team hosts an annual course for Stanford medical students called "Body as Text" to expose them to the importance of the bedside exam and it's implications in medicine early in their education.

What are the goals of the Body as Text teaching sessions?

The purpose of the Body as Text course is to introduce medical students to clinical medicine early in their career with an emphasis on the importance of the physical exam. We teach them how we use the physical exam and observation skills to care for patients. The spirit of these sessions is less about remembering content and more about appreciating the importance of these skills in students begining a career of caring for the sick. 

Some of the sessions topics include:

    •    History & Intro to Percussion
    •    Neuro Exam + Gait
    •    Auscultation
    •    Fundoscopy

    •    Knee Exam
    •    Skin / Spotting Common Conditions
    •    Intro to Crisis Simulation
    •    Bedside Ultrasound


Examples of our sessions.

Intro to Crisis Simulation