Announcing the 2017
Stanford 25 Skills Symposium

May 11, 2016

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The Program for Bedside Medicine at Stanford is excited to announce that registration is open for the 3rd annual Stanford 25 Skills Symposium. 

The Symposium is designed for early and mid-career physicians who teach clinical skills. Our interactive curriculum aims to make you a more effective educator and to provide a community of like-minded practitioners with whom to share your passion and skills. Come improve your physical exam skills, learn the methods of teaching the exam at the bedside and share your experiences with like-minded clinicians. 

Become a confident teacher at the hospital and clinic bedside, improve your skills and connect with like-minded physicians throughout the country and world!

Click here to see the 2-day schedule and register. 

Date: September 29 & 30, 2017

Location: Stanford University School of Medicine

Abraham Verghese at the bedside with students. Learn our teaching methods, such as the "5-minute bedside moment" and get feedback on your teaching from our team. 

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